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Kronløbshuset 2150 Nordhavn
Kronløbshuset 2150 Nordhavn
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within property development

About RHB Development

For more than 20 years RHB Development ApS has developed solid and profitable property projects in all of Europe, operated by RHB Development ApS or in collaboration with investors. 

Our organisation is focused on identification and realization of sustainable and financially attractive projects.


Historically, the realization has been achieved by means of a large network and a very thorough analysis process – both financially and marketwise.


Our thoroughness and the achieved results have resulted in long-lasting and solid client relations.

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Our success is based on great market insight and a thorough analysis of needs, price, financing, and market potential.  


We base our risk evaluations on facts and, not least, innovative analysis methods which give a detailed and future-focussed survey of the commercial conditions of the investment.


We base our work on a strong technical platform and take on the responsibility throughout the entire process, from identification of attractive property projects to development, production and financial management – as well as the proceeding task of running, selling or letting the property. 

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• Concrete and deep understanding of financial and market conditions prior to property investment

 Solid financial platform

 Broad and deeply rooted network for identification of profitable and unique propertty projects

• Documented financial results achieved across many projects

 Thorough and systematic approach in relation to all processes

• Direct access to leading investors, advisors and brokers in the market



Through the years we have kept a smaller, yet highly flexible, organisation which enables us to opererate under changing market conditions.


The organisation consists of experienced and exceptionally skilled key people, specifically selected to ensure our clients a deep and competent commitment throughout the individual phases of a building project. 

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RHB Development ApS was founded in 1995* and has since successfully finalized more than 30 projects.


With a total equity of more than DKK 200 millions in 2015, we have a solid foundation to carry through current as well as future property projects, both in Denmark and in Europe.


At the same time we always operate with a conservative strategy, where only solid projects are established based on a well-tested concept. That way the risk is minimized if uncontrollable conditions influence the success of the projects. This secures the economy of the project as well as our own economy. 



*) Founded in 1995 under the name Notabenus Group. In 2011 the company changed name to RHB Development ApS.




Høje Taastrup HTC

155 Owner-occupied flats 

1 Commercial lease

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